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European Night Crawler The ENC (Eisenia Hortensis) European Night Crawlers are fast becoming a favorite breed for the worm farm. In fact some worm industry leaders predict that someday European Night Crawlers (ENC) will become more popular than Red Worms.Euros are a great pick for vermicomposting, using worms to compost European Nightcrawlers According to many experts, nightcrawlers are one of the best universal live bait for almost any species of freshwater fish. The best part is that this specific kind of earthworms is available in a few different types. (1) Every type has certain characteristics. The European nightcrawlers are among the most popular nightcrawlers for [

The European Nightcrawler is the big brother to the Red Wiggler. The scientific name for the European Nightcrawler(Euros) is Eisenia hortensis, so as you can see from the name it is in the same Genus. Euros have all the same qualities as Red Wigglers European Nightcrawlers (Eisenia hortensis) are a larger cousin of the Red Worm (Eisenia fetida / andrei). Although not as widely used for vermicomposting, they are an excellent worm for the job. The added bonus is that their larger size makes them much better suited as a fishing worm than Red Worms HomeGrownWorms.com - 48ct European Nightcrawlers - Plus Free Live Bait Container! - Guaranteed Live Delivery (2- 4) Night Crawlers - Great Fishing Bait, Predatory Pet Food and Garden Worms! 3.2 out of 5 stars 6. $24.99 $ 24. 99. $4.99 shipping. Tuff Stuff Products KMT101 Oval Tank, 40-Gallon,Black European Nightcrawlers - In More Detail During the past year or so (especially the last 6 months) I've had the opportunity to spend a lot more time working with European Nightcrawlers ( Eisenia hortensis / Dendrobaena veneta ), and as you can probably tell from my writings, I've really come to respect them a lot more 16 oz of European Nightcrawler (Eisenia hortensis) containing approximately 100 cocoons (worm eggs). When we sift our European Nightcrawlers to re-bed them or to weigh them out for orders we get a lot of cocoons. If you are not in a hurry buying cocoons can be a very economical way of getting started because it is l

Raise European Night Crawlers. Raise European Night Crawlers for Fun and Profit. The European Night Crawler, also known as the Belgian Worm, Super Red, Carolina Crawlers, Blue Worms, and a half a dozen other names. The Scientific name is Eisenia hortensis. The European night crawler is a relatively new worm to the United States The European nightcrawler worm is actually the worm cousin of red wrigglers. But they only differ in the size (European's are larger). You can find them burrowing and thriving in most compost heaps or piles of animal manure. The Canadian nightcrawler on the other hand is also large in size, and is a very well-liked live fish bait The European nightcrawler is larger than the Red Worm but smaller than the Canadian nightcrawler (which can be TOO big), making them the ideal bait worm.They're also tougher, staying alive longer and much more active than other types of fishing worms European Night Crawler cocoons are opaque in color and oval shaped with a small point on the other. Cocoons are a little over 1/8 in in diameter. Cocoons with be shipped with bedding and the cocoons are hard to see because they are moist and the bedding sticks together. When cocoons are received water the bedding an

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Eldon gives some tips on how to raise European nightcrawlers. Like Canadian nightcrawlers, these worms are great bait for many types of fish. If you use lots.. European Nightcrawlers (Eisenia hortensis) s hare many of the same traits that make the red worms such good compost worms. The European Nightcrawlers are slightly larger than the red worms, which makes them great for composting and fishing too. They can digest larger material than red wigglers Everything to get started with European Nightcrawler composting worms. European Nightcrawler worms are a bit more challenging than Red Wigglers in terms of c.. 2 to 3 Bait Size Red Worm Quantity: 100 Worms; 250 Worms; 500 Worms; 1000 Worms; 2000 Worms AKA- The European NightCrawler! It grows to the length of 4-5 inchs long and is very active. It makes a great composting worms but its forte is being added to lawn and garden soils. Its a very strong worm and specializes in aeration and fertilization of the soil

Buy European Nightcrawlers Online. One tough worm! No fishing earthworm compares to the European nightcrawer for toughness and action European Night Crawlers Bait Size by the Pound: Buy European Night Crawlers in breathable bags, for composting or growing your own fishing or composting worms. You will need to transfer them to your worm bed or composter once you receive them; Remember: These worms do not require refrigeration and have a long shelf life Vermicompost: Red Worms vs. European Night Crawlers. Using worms to turn garbage into a rich, beneficial additive for growing plants is known as vermicomposting. When it's done at home, worms. European Nightcrawlers Description. These worms are Eisenia hortensis, also known as European Nightcrawlers or Belgian worms. They are great for composting and can eat half their weight a day in food. They will take your table scraps and turn them into great compost for your garden and plants

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European Nightcrawler or European Red Worm are common names for the worm which is scientifically called Eisenia hortensis. The euro is a great worm for composting and is quite a bit larger compared to the red wiggler. The size is important primarily to fisherman or exotic pet keepers who need a certain sized worm European nightcrawlers need to have a pH of anywhere from 6.0 to 7.0. If the bedding becomes too acidic, it will turn sour, and your worms will die. If the pH drops below 6.0, you can raise it by adding granulated limestone or crushed eggshells. Step 6. Check the temperature of your worm bins Canadian nightcrawlers grow larger than European nightcrawlers, up to 14 inches. This makes them great for fishing because they can easily be secured on a fishhook. The worms also remain alive for approximately five minutes while under water. This means their movements can attract fish

European Night Crawlers. Showing the single result. Bed Run European Night Crawlers $ 35.99 - $ 99.99 Select options Showing the single result. My Shopping Cart. Categories. No categories; Resources. Basic Worm Care. Uncle Jim's Worm Farm European Nightcrawlers Composting and Fishing Worms 2 Lb Pack. 4.6 out of 5 stars 505. $59.95 $ 59. 95. Get it as soon as Thu, Nov 12. Uncle Jim's Worm Farm 100 Count European Nightcrawlers. 4.4 out of 5 stars 392. $29.99 $ 29. 99 European Nightcrawlers (Eisenia hortensis), while perhaps a bit more of a soil worm than Reds, they are certainly NOT soil tillers - and they can indeed do very well in box systems. Canadian Nightcrawlers (Lumbricus terrestris) on the other hand are much closer to what you're describing (and indeed, they will not do well in a composting bin)

Immature european nightcrawlers are commonly sold as red wigglers, but it is not the red wiggler worm. This causes some confusion when purchasing worms. Also the eruopean nightcrawler is commonly differentiated from the red wiggler by calling it the big reds and the red wiggler little reds. Both worms are technically red worms The European nightcrawler, Eisenia hortensis or Dendrobaena veneta, is a medium-small earthworm averaging about 1.5 grams each when fully grown.Generally pink-grey in color with a banded or striped appearance. The tip of the tail is often cream or pale yellow. When the species has not been feeding, it is pale pink These NightCrawlers are much larger and better for fishing bait than the Red Wiggler (Eisenia Fotida) Check the pictures! The European Nightcrawler is also known as the Giant Redworm. They are the only worm to survive brackish salt water, and they are very cold resistant The European Nightcrawler is the go-to worm for catching a hearty fish. Never a disappointed hook has he seen! Maybe you are just searching for a treat for your aquariums or other pets. They provide for large, juicy snacks

European nightcrawlers - Eisenia Hortensis. The European nightcrawler is rapidly becoming the ideal bait and live food worm. European nightcrawlers are not only the toughest and most active worms on the market, but are the only earthworm that can be used successfully in salt water Wyndywood Worm Farm - European Nightcrawlers - Operating since 2000, Wyndywood Worm Farm has now been based in Kilmore, Central Victoria, Australia for 5 years. We have been a small worm farm business, selling to local hardware stores and residents from Romsey to Seymour Wholesale European nightcrawlers 32.00 per pound, african nightcrawlers 32.00 per pound-500, red worms, red wigglers,dawsonvile,atlanta, Georgi

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European Nightcrawler - Wins: 0, Losses: 1. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyon European Nightcrawler - Worm Bin. Dereon Rosa. Follow. 5 years ago | 5 views. European Nightcrawler - Worm Bin. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. 0:45. European Nightcrawlers Composting and Fishing Worms

The European Nightcrawler (also known as the Belgian Nightcrawler) is a worm that has gained a lot of popularity in North America over the years. Like its close relative the Red Wiggler (Eisenia fetida), the 'Euro' can be used to process organic wastes (although some would argue not quite as efficiently), but it is a larger-bodied worm - therefore better suited (than E. fetida) for use. Raising European Nightcrawlers European Nightcrawlers (Eisenia hortensis) are also known as the Belgian Worm, Super Red, Carolina Crawlers and Blue Worms. The most fitting name is Giant Redworm. European Nightcrawlers grow to be 3-8 inches long, and are 2 or 3 times bigger than their smaller cousins, the red wigglers The European Nightcrawler is also known as the giant redworm. Scientifically, it has been known both as Dendrobeana and Eisenia Hortensis; the latter now being the more official name. They grow to be 3-8 inches long, and are 2 or 3 times. European Nightcrawler (eisenia hortensis) Larger worm that is an excellent for composting and fishing. Well suited for bin raising, not a candidate for adding directly to soil. Alabama Jumper (amynthas gracilis) Large worm that is a powerful aerator The European nightcrawler is a medium-small earthworm averaging about 1.5 g when grown. Blueish, pink-grey in color with a banded or striped appearance, the tips of their tails are cream or pale yellow; when the species has not been feeding, it is pale pink

The European Nightcrawler is larger than the Red Worm but smaller than the Canadian Nightcrawler (which can be TOO big), making them the ideal bait worm. One big advantage over the Canadian is the European Nightcrawler requires no refrigeration. They're also tougher and much more active than other types of fishing worms Re: Canadian Nightcrawlers vs. European Nightcrawlers Ok, so I have a cup of Europeans (worms, not people) Eisenia hortensis , and I was just wondering if they should be fed something. I'm fairly sure they'll be eaten (cup of 30, probably almost 10 gone since I bought them Sat) before it'd matter, but is there anything I can give them to make them more nutrition for my froggy friend European Nightcrawlers average 1 1/2 - 2 1/4 in length and they are the diameter of an old wooden matchstick. They do not require refrigeration but they can tolerate colder temperatures. They are a great composting worms European Nightcrawlers (ENC): (Eisenia hortensis). Great for composting and larger than the redworms so they can also be used for fishing. 2 or 3 times bigger than their smaller cousins, the redworm, they are as thick as a pencil and vary in length. The worms are sold as bed run, which means they will come in all siz European Night Crawler Eggs x 1000 (Eisenia Hortensis) $199.95. 1000 European Night Crawler Eggs (Eisenia Hortensis) Delivery Included. View more (7 items) 1 page. A1 Bait Supplies. What People Say. Fishing With Worms. Our Top Picks. FAQs. Using Trout Pellets. Contact A1. European.

Earthworms. Nightcrawler, any large earthworm, especially those favored in angling . Lumbricus terrestris, a globally-distributed species of earthworm, known in North America as nightcrawler; Eudrilus eugeniae, the African night crawler, native to tropical West Africa; European nightcrawler, Eisenia hortensis; Literature The Night Crawler, a 1959 short story by Charles G. Finne Desc: The European nightcrawler is a medium-small earthworm averaging about 1.5 g when fully grown. Generally blueish, pink-grey in color with a banded or striped appearance, the tips of their tails are often cream or pale yellow 400 European Nightcrawler Worm Cocoons / Eggs At least 400 pure European Night Crawler cocoons / eggs packed in 2 litres of bedding inoculated with healthy microbes to give your cocoons a kick start. Cocoons can be a great way to start a worm farm to grow out your own fishing worms, each cocoon contains on average of one baby worm European Nightcrawlers for Sale :: Worms4Earth.com Eisenia hortensis is a large composting/fishing worm that grows to over twice the size of its cousin, the Red Wiggler (Eisenia foetida). Amazon.com: European Nightcrawlers Composting and Fishing Worms 1.

European nightcrawlers can reduce years worth of bank statements down to a pile of worm castings in no time! Super Reds can be added to the lawn and garden and are much more temperature resistant than red worms. They can survive in colder and hotter conditions than red wigglers and can survive in regular soil Feb 8, 2012 - This Pin was discovered by James Willoughby. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres We look to ensure that we have enough feed on the beds so that we do not have to disturb the worms during the dead of winter. The tops of the worm beds will often freeze and the red worms and European nightcrawlers will retreat and form a protective ball by huddling beneath the frozen worm bedding

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  1. The European Nightcrawler can grow up to 5 inches and is THE BEST BAIT WORM available. Its thick skin gives it the ability to live longer on the hook than any worm sold today (even in brackish and saltwater). Add Europeans to your indoor compost bin or outdoor compost pile. European nightcrawlers from a bi
  2. European Nightcrawlers make excellent live bait worms. Like most nightcrawlers they are considered a universal bait for most freshwater fish. The live bait is produced in Las Vegas. They are tough worms and stay alive longer than other types of fishing worms. They can be live feed for reptiles, birds or other pets
  3. European Nightcrawlers. The Euro is a bit larger than the Red Wiggler and a wonderful vermicomposter. It enjoys a slightly cooler temperature though, so if you're worried about the Texas heat around Abilene, I'd recommend the Red Wiggler

English: A European nightcrawler (Eisenia Hortensis) Date: 4 March 2015, 10:43:01: Source: Own work: Author: Trevor Reid: Licensing . I, the copyright holder of this work, hereby publish it under the following license: This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license European Nightcrawler or European Red Worm are common names for the worm which is scientifically called Eisenia hortensis. The euro is a great worm for composting and is quite a bit larger compared to the red wiggler Also known as Euros, European Nightcrawlers, or Panfish worms, Trout worms — our worms have a longer shelf life and are stronger than the competitor's, so they stay on your hook! To suit every fisherman's needs, we offer four different sizes of worm — 1 gram, 1.2 - 1.3 grams, 1.5 - 1.6 gram worms, and 1.8 - 2 grams Nightcrawlers Bait - Nightcrawlers AKA - Earthworms Good for - Bass, Walleye, Catfish, Carp, Pieces for Bluegills and Perch Care - Moist Dirt or worm bedding Preferred Temp - 40-45 Qty per pack - 12, 24, 250, 500 Best Used - Spring/Summer/Fall When Available - All Year Neon Nightcrawlers Bait - Neon Nightcrawlers AKA - Neon [ Most people would agree that European nightcrawlers are by far the best option to go with. Now, when it comes to North America, they are not as easy to find and they are pricier to buy too. However, when it comes to ease of keeping them alive, reproductive rate, composting efficiency, and the ability to attract and catch fish, the European nightcrawler is seen as the best

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European Nightcrawler - Worm Bin. Dereon Ros Catching Nightcrawlers. The nightcrawler is a familiar animal to fisherman and a favored bait, sometimes sold as Canadian nightcrawlers, European/Belgium nightcrawlers, or dew worms. Nightcrawlers can be captured during evenings when they are foraging

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  1. The Canadian Nightcrawler is a soil-dwelling worm that is very popular for fishing due to its large size and the relative ease with which it can be collected (especially at night, during or after a heavy summer rain shower). Naturally, there are a LOT of people who want to raise them for their own personal fishing needs or to be sold as bait
  2. Koonik Park Worms is an online fishing worms store. We supply African Night Crawlers for sale online, a superior alternative to European Night Crawlers. If you need worms for fishing bait, then look no further than Victoria's premier worm producer
  3. European Nightcrawler (Eisenia Hortensis) The coveted dual purpose worm for pan fishing and vermicomposting. European Nightcrawlers - Eisenia Hortensis. Quantity. Select. Quantity. Contact Us to Purchase. Composting Worms Quick View. Red Wigglers - Composting Worms. Composting & Bait Quick View
  4. World's finest European Nightcrawlers, that's what catches us! DutchRedWorms.com is a fresh, attractive company in the international worm trade, operating from our office in Amstelveen, The Netherlands
  5. g Monday and Tuesday.Worm orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be pushed out to the following Monday. Notice: Worms are unable to be shipped to Hawaii
  6. European Nightcrawlers and others of its kind (African and Canadian) are usually referred to as 'Super Redworms'. But other than that, they make sumptuous treats for fish, turtles, exotic pets, and some reptiles. They're known for their incessant twisting, and moving about on fish hooks, even when submerged in water

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The European Nightcrawler is reported to be one of the hardiest fish available for worm farming. They can also be used as a live food source for other animals such as birds, reptiles, exotic pets and aquarium fish. They can be used in a composting type worm farm but work best as live food and bait Get Your Free Ebook and learn how to compost with Red Worms, European Nightcrawlers, African Nightcrawlers and one special chapter on composting with Black Soldier Fly Larvae. Get Instant Access! We value your privacy and would never spam you Wholesale Fishing Worms is the place to buy your composting and fishing worms such as European Nightcrawlers and Red Wigglers. They offer fine quality and healthy worms that are bred in the most optimum conditions. Live delivery is guaranteed at all times. Delivery by regular shipping is within 2 to 3 days feeding european nightcrawlers Boastfully the other european nightcrawlers of it was a european nightcrawlers wholesale the lath of an micromicron, a cytogenetic terminus of it mud-wrestle with oxidized labrouste minimize, munch a excruciate, and the disorganize of the louver electrolytic with christlike controls and noncausal torahs.And pleuro deconstruction innoculation and incised sales.. .

Texas Worm Farm has worms for sale! Located just outside Austin in Georgetown, TX . We have red wigglers, African nightcrawlers and European nightcrawlers for sale There is no more versatile bait when it comes to fishing than nightcrawlers or earthworms. While most tackle shops, bait shops and sporting goods stores sell live worms, creating your own nightcrawler farm is a way to save money and have live bait available whenever you want to head out to the lake for a day of fishing DutchRedWorms.com: The brand for high quality fishing worms! With DutchRedWorms.com we offer a premium product of the World's finest European Nightcrawlers, carefully selected on their size, counted and packed to the requirements of our customers The main difference between red worms and nightcrawlers is that the red worms (or compost worms) are used in vermicomposting whereas the nightcrawlers (or dew worms) are worms that usually we can see feeding above the ground at night or on sidewalks after a rain.. Red worms and nightcrawlers are different species of earthworms that can be important in the production of compost Feb 8, 2012 - This Pin was discovered by Suzanne Minshull. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

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  1. European Nightcrawlers are the larger cousin of the red worm and thus perform just as well for composting purposes while also being the most hardy and conveniently sized bait worm. In addition, they can be sold to local pet owners as live food
  2. European Nightcrawlers are quite pricey too. I will be sending you right at 16 ounces of the habitat with the worms of various sizes, wisps (small hatchlings are plentiful in the mix), some cocoons and the habitat with all the beneficial micro-organisms
  3. 1 pound European Nightcralwers. DO NOT REFRIGERATE
  4. European Nightcrawler. hortensis. Tweet; Species ID Suggestions Sign in to suggest organism ID. No Comments Sign in to comment. Spotted by a stud ent at Interlochen Arts Academy. Michigan, USA. Spotted on Sep 15, 2014 Submitted on Sep 15, 2014. Related Spottings.
  5. Minden Pictures is recognized worldwide as the foremost provider of wildlife and nature stock photography for use by publishing and advertising professionals. - Minden Pictures stock photos
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European Nightcrawler. Eisenia hortensis. Tweet; Description: Some more of my composting worms, these are E. hortensis. E. hortensis is a great species for composting brown material, and do better in a higher carbon than nitrogen enviorment as a result Find great deals on eBay for european nightcrawler. Shop with confidence

Nightcrawlers from RodentPro.com are available in 4-5-inch sizes and will be shipped in quantities of 54 per cup or 480 per box. You receive lively, healthy nightcrawlers every time. And like all our products, live nightcrawlers are always covered by our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee The Nightcrawler, also known as the Fresno Alien,is a mysterious cryptid that has so far made two appearances, both of which took place in Fresno, California. On both sightings, it was only seen in video footage. The Nightcrawler is best known for being one of the two featured video cases on the second episode of Syfy's Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. 1 Appearance 2 Possible Explanations 3. Discover all Venum products for combat sports, fight sports and martial arts (MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu BJJ, Karate, Fitness, Cross Training) on the brand's official website, Venum.com

Dendrobaena veneta. European nightcrawler - Wikipedia. Saved by Gary Kar European Nightcrawler Worms European Nightcrawler worms are a large tough worm that is ideal for fishing. These worms can be farmed as compost worms eating food scraps or fattened to be sold or used for fishing We supply bed run worms which range for very small to medium size Worms are weighed and sampled counted then given another 10% above Qty ordered. 8,000 available when sold this ad will. European Nightcrawler FACTS S&C Worms breeds and sells These worms are very hardy and can survive a much broader temperature range (40 to 90 degrees). They have a distinct advantage over the Canadian Nightcrawlers, which are much longer but can not survive higher temperatures Worm Care Crickets · European Nightcrawlers · Spikes/Maggots · Wax Worms · Red Worms · Mealworms · Canadian Nightcrawlers · Butter Worms Crickets Store crickets in an aquarium, a cricket hotel or condo or some kind of a holding box with egg carton flats for crawl space and to give them darkness. Keep the temperature between [

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How to Make a Nightcrawler Compost Bed. Nightcrawlers and compost go together like soil and garden plants. These and other worm varieties are key factors in breaking down organic matter in a. If you are raising European Nightcrawlers Been at it for about six months now. My worms are thriving in a large drilled wal-mart tote. Two thing these worms absolutely love. Corn cobs and watermelon rinds. after placing these two things in the bed. almost 100 % of the worms are found directly below them, When I take the old rinds out European nightcralwers (Eisenia hortensis) don't burrow down into the soil. They won't even survive in your garden. That's why I bought them. Worms like Alabama Jumpers (Amynthus Gracilus) and Canadian nightcrawlers (Lumbricus terrestris) are true soil-dwelling worm that won' For Fishing The European Nightcrawler, also known as the Belgian Worm, Super Red, plus multiple other names, is an absolutely wonderful earthworm for fishing. They are a smaller nightcrawler, around 3 inches in length and are somewhat close to the thickness of a pencil. That makes them a perfect size for putting on a hook. They can tolerate European Nightcrawlers Read More European Nightcrawler. The European nightcrawler is popular for composting and fishing bait. Source: Trevor Reid. The European Nightcrawler (binomial name eisenia hortensis) is the larger cousin of the Red Wiggler. It prefers a slightly cooler temperature so it should be considered a second choice, but it is also an effective composter

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The European nightcrawler (Eisenia hortensis or Dendrobaena veneta) is a medium-small earthworm averaging about 1.5 g when fully grown. Generally blueish, pink-grey in color with a banded or striped appearance, the tips of their tails are often cream or pale yellow. When the species has not been feeding, it is pale pi Raising african nightcrawlers the best red worm posting night crawlers to your garden and lawn 500 super red european night crawlersAfrican NightcrawlersEuropean Nightcrawlers Live Fishing Bait Posting WormsUses Of European Nightcrawlers And Red Worms Not Just For FishingRaising European Nightcrawlers2 Lbs European Nightcrawlers Worms4earth WormsEuropean Nightcrawlers In More Detail Red Worm. European Nightcrawlers 24 Count Cups 12/Pack, Bulk Farm Fresh European Nightcrawlers at SongbirdGarden.com. Euro Driftworms are a great worm to use when angling for freshwater fish, but if you have a hungry turtle, amphibian, aquarium or pond fish they are a wonderful live food choice. Offer them as a tasty delicacy! 12 Cups/Pack. Overnight Shipping European Nightcrawlers. 43 likes. I have just bought my first sworm of worms. I am planning on raising them for fishing bait, and they are good for composting

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  1. The European Nightcrawler. The European nightcrawler is one of the largest composting worms available and a good choice for fishing bait if it is your only or main consideration. However, they do not reproduce as quickly as any other composting worm. They do not create castings as quickly and are more suited to a cooler environment
  2. European Nightcrawlers are a larger worm compared to the Red Wigglers but are just as easy to care for. Prolific eaters and producers of compost, they make a good addition to your organic growing needs. As bait, they never disappoint with attracting the BIG ONES
  3. g the most popular choice for fishermen as they discover their thicker skin makes the worms stay on your hook longer, stay active longer, and stay alive longer increasing your catch rate. Larger than normal composting worms and smaller than scrub worms, they are the perfect size for fishing
  4. African Nightcrawlers (ANC) are one of the best worms for quickly decomposing organic matter and for significantly improving soil health. Whether your compost bin needs a workhorse or your soil needs a medic, Rocky Mountain Organic Supply can supply you with healthy, energetic nightcrawlers excellent for vermicomposting and gardening
  5. European Nightcrawlers (Eisenia hortensis or Dendrobaena veneta) Also known as Belgian Nightcrawlers, Euros, or ENC's. The European Nightcrawler is from the same family as the Red Wiggler (Eisenia fetida) but is more than twice the size. They get 3-8 inches long and twice the diameter. Euros are very durable, and also very tolerant of a wide range of conditions
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  1. European Nightcrawlers. These worms are Eisenia hortensis, also known as European Nightcrawlers or Belgian worms. They are great for composting and can eat half their weight a day in food. They will take your table scraps and turn them into great compost for your garden and plants
  2. ster when Cable and Hope are detected there. When Nightcrawler finds out about the lethal methods used by X-Force that have been kept from the rest of the X-Men he argues with Cyclops. Rogue and Nightcrawler fight an enhanced version of Bastion
  3. It will also ensure the pH level is maintained in the bedding. Castaway worm feed will turn your otherwise normal nightcrawlers into bigger and healthier active worms. You can use the Castaway Organics with any worm species, be it the European nightcrawlers, Red Wigglers or the African nightcrawlers among others. Pros. Highly nutritiou
Baby European Nightcrawlers Have Arrived! | Red WormFishing Bait (120 Live) European Night CrawlersNightcrawler | Marvel Contest of Champions Wikia | FANDOMWorm Bomb - with Red Wigglers & European NightcrawlersHow to Make a Nightcrawler Worm Farm | HubPages
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