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Photoshop's Polygonal Lasso Tool, another of its basic selections tools, is a bit like a cross between the Rectangular Marquee Tool and the standard Lasso Tool, both of which we looked at in previous tutorials.It allows us to easily draw freeform selection outlines based on straight-sided polygonal shapes. But while the Rectangular Marquee Tool limits us to drawing 4-sided polygons (rectangles. In Adobe Photoshop, use the Lasso tool, Polygonal Lasso tool, and the Magnetic lasso tool to easily make selections. Also learn how to set options for each to further refine your selections

The Lasso Tool in Photoshop CC is a fundamental selection tool for all image editors. Being able to edit and enhance exact portions of a photograph is a tool you need in your arsenal. How can you best use the Lasso Tool in Photoshop CC?. The Lasso Tool has remained similar across versions of Photoshop.From early versions of CSX to the current Photoshop CC, it hasn't really had a fundamental. Written Tutorial On Using The Polygonal Lasso Tool In Photoshop CS5. The Polygonal Lasso Tool is located in the Toolbox on the left side of your screen in Photoshop and is used to select objects inside a photograph or image. The tool is excellent for selecting objects that are comprised of straight lines Cutting out images using the Polygonal Lasso Tool in Photoshop can be a very detailed process. It is a fantastic tool if you want to cut out images from a background and be left with a transparent background. In the tutorial below, I had to cut out the background image from a coffee cup so I could use that image on a banner that I was making

Tutorial Photoshop - Polygon Lasso Werkzeuge genau erklärt (Bilder/Grafiken ausschneiden In diesem Video Tutorial nehmen wir die Lasso Werkzeuge von Photoshop genauer unter die Luppe Working With the Right Lasso Tool:. Using the lasso tool requires a good quality mouse, decent drawing skills, and a little patience. There are three variants of Lasso tool available in Photoshop, including Standard Lasso Tool, Magnetic Lasso Tool, and Polygonal Lasso Tool.. All of these works differently for different tasks

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Photoshop: undo to previous click when using the lasso tool sometimes i mistakenly click and want to keep what i already made with multiple clicks selecting with lasso should have multi undo redo Idea r/photoshop: For all things Photoshop - except those listed in the sidebar under OUR RULES. Press backspace with the polygon lasso tool. Ctrl+Z works for me with the pen tool. Not sure why it's not working for you. level 2. Original Poster 1 point · 2 years ago Hence I'm also suspecting that there is a lag when using the polygon lasso, so that Photoshop is registering two clicks closers together than it was done in real-time - hence it thinks you double-clicked to close. I've noticed that if I do this very slowly it tends to not close the selection. Likes. Like Translate. Translate Please fix the Polygon Lasso Tool!!! The tool should ONLY close the path on a DOUBLE click! I have a seperate mouse button set for double click so I can work quickly in Photoshop, but the last 3 Revi=sions to Photoshop have made it IMPOSSABLE to work quickly with the Polygon Lasso Tool The Polygonal Lasso can present some difficulties when you're working with curved lines, since it's, well, polygonal. For those, you should use the standard Lasso or Magnetic Lasso tool. However, you can combine the standard Lasso with polygonal to overcome this obstacle. The Polygonal Lasso should also be avoided if you need standard shapes

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When using the Lasso tool and you're nearing the edge of the canvas and you need to scroll over to continue drawing your selection, press-and-hold the Spacebar without letting go of mouse button. This will temporarily activate the Hand tool so you can scroll. Let go of the Spacebar to continue drawing your selection. « Previous Photoshop Tip: | Next Photoshop Tip: Learn how to use the lasso tool in photoshop cc. How to cut anything out in photoshop tutorial with the lasso tool is a great please to start.this is in phot.. The Polygonal Lasso tool in Photoshop Elements 10 has a specific mission in life: to select any element whose sides are straight. Think pyramids, stairways, skyscrapers, barns — you get the idea. It also works a tad differently from the Lasso tool. You don't drag around the element with the Polygonal Lasso. Instead, you click [ Using Polygonal Lasso tool in Photoshop. The Polygonal Lasso Tool creates polygonal selections: In the Toolbox, select the Polygonal Lasso Tool.; Click on your image to set the first anchor point; then create a contour by adding anchors (clicking) in the key points

By Barbara Obermeier . Not much in life is perfectly rectangular or elliptical, and that's where the Lasso tools in Photoshop CS6 come in handy. Most of the time, you have to deal with irregular shapes that have extrusions and protrusions (otherwise known as bumps or bulges) of some sort.The Lasso group of tools allow you to make freeform selections Photoshop: CS6 polygonal lasso tool auto-completes unexpectedly Having issues with polygonal lasso tool. When in mid selection, the dotted line disappears - though I am able to continue making a selection, the selection seems to jump and completes itself The Magnetic Lasso Tool can often do an amazing job of selecting an object on its own, but it also gives us easy access to Photoshop's other two lasso tools if needed. To temporarily switch to either the standard Lasso Tool or the Polygonal Lasso Tool, hold down your Alt (Win) / Option (Mac) key and click on the edge of the object Polygon Lasso Tool. This tool is to select line shapes, basically it is like rectangular marquee tool .But it is much flexible and gives freedom to work with as many lines in all directions. Now let see its working : Here we want to change the sky of this image so now we are making selection of sky by polygon lasso tool Photoshop Elements Polygonal Lasso Tool has a special use as a Selection Tool in Elements.. It lets you quickly make Straight Line Selections.. But you can also use it to make accurate Curved Selections.. Watch the video below to learn all about how to use the Polygonal Lasso Tool in Photoshop Elements

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  1. The lasso tools in Adobe Photoshop are truly spectacular. I use them often and don't know what I'd do without them. From the simplicity of the standard and most basic Lasso Tool to the more nuanced and complex Polygonal Lasso Tool to the thoughtful and intuitive Magnetic Lasso Tool, there's surely something to help out in almost any situation..
  2. Förstår mig inte på Lasso Polygon-verktyget i Photoshop. Har man väl börjat använda den, är det för mig omöjligt att liksom sluta... Den där tråden fortsätter bara att hänga med muspekaren överallt, liksom... Läste nånstans att man kan använda ALT-tangenten för att växla till annat..
  3. Low Poly Art in Photoshop: Low poly style art has been pretty popular around the web recently, and for good reason: it can look pretty damn awesome. Originally it was a technique for 3D modelling, but here we'll learn how to imitate this style from a photo, using Photoshop.
  4. I am using the polygonal lasso tool to make a very detailed selection of certain buildings in a city skyline.For the third time now, I accidentally double clicked to close off my selection, and it connects all the way back to my starting point
  5. Kantiga markeringar med polygonlassot i Photoshop . Med poygonlassot kan du bygga upp markeringar via raka segment. Perfekt när du ska markera kantiga objekt som innehåller hörn
  6. Photoshop provides several tools for creating selections (or generating masks); each one is specialized for selecting a particular type of shape or range of tone and color. One of the most useful selection tools is the Polygonal Lasso, which allows you to precisely place marquee segments along the edges of manmade objects or other straight-edged subjects

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  2. Polygon Lasso tool draws its selections by clicking specific points around an image. The tool will automatically draw straight lines between each pair of points. In the following example, the file pot.jpg is used. Using the Polygon Lasso Tool,and by clicking on the adjacent points,the required image is selected
  3. What is Polygon Lasso Tool? Consider this tool like a cross between the Lasso tool and the Rectangle-shaped Marquee tool as you make straight-edged selections yet you make each side of the selection individually so you could add as many straight lines to your selection as you 'd like rather than having to stick to the 4 sided selection the Rectangle Marquee tool gives you
  4. Lasso Tool Tip. The Lasso tool allows you to draw freehand selections around an object. This is great if your object has curves in it. The Polygonal Lasso tool makes straight line segments and is great for selecting objects with straight lines.. Many times the object you want to select will have a combination of curves and straight lines
  5. The Polygonal Lasso Tool is used to create polygonal selections in simple language it is used to cut an image or an image part using various selections. To use Polygon Lasso Tool obtain the following points: 1. In the Toolbox, select the Polygonal Lasso Tool. 2. Click on your image to set the first anchor point; then create a contour by adding anchors (clicking) in the key points

Using polygons and geometic shapes has been fashionable recently (obviously after we did our new logo!) so we thought we give you a photoshop tutorial on how to edit an image to create cool polygon effects. Photoshop tools like the Polygonal Lasso Tool and the Pen Tool have been designed to help with such tasks but creating these shapes aren. How can I round the edges of a shape made with the polygon lasso in Photoshop? 0. Seamless Tri-polygon. Hot Network Questions Low cost connector for 500 connection points, of which only a few are used at any time Wait, so how many mines are there? A tetromino. Using Polygon tool in Photoshop. Polygon Tool. The Polygon Tool creates polygonal shapes and paths (shape outlines).. In the Toolbox, select the Polygon Tool.; In the Options bar, choose a drawing mode: to create vector shape layers click Shape layers button; to draw paths (shape outlines) click Paths button; to create rasterized shapes in current layer click Fill pixels button

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The Lasso tool usually indicates if the next action will complete the selection by adding a circle icon to the cursor. There is usually an area about 5-10 pixels from your starting point where PS will automatically close your selection. Zooming in (Ctrl+Plus) may help you place a point close to your origin Du kan då markera helt rakt eller så begränsar Photoshop dina vinklar i 30-graders steg. Hoppa tillfälligt över till vanlig Lasso med Alt-tangenten . Håll inne musknappen, rita på frihand och släpp. Fortsätt sedan markera med polygoner. Se där. Nu kanske du också vill använda Polygonlassot någon gång The polygonal lasso tool is used to make straight edged selections that have multiple sides or edges. This is done by drawing line segments from point to point to form an enclosed area. Choosing the Polygonal Lasso Tool Look in the toolbar for the polygon lasso tool icon which looks like an upside down hanger tv antenna Photoshop's Lasso tool contains three tools, which are lasso tool, polygon lasso tool, magnetic lasso tool, lasso tool is the most basic selection tool, in the processing of images plays a very important role. The shortcut key for this tool is th

When using either the Polygonal Lasso or the Magnetic Lasso tools (both nested under the Lasso tool [L]), you can remove control points in the order in which they were put down by backtracking along the selection path and pressing the Delete (PC: Backspace) key for each point. The Magnetic Lasso tool may try to add new points as you back up; just delete them until you get back to where you. Learn the ins and outs of the Polygon Lasso Tool

This is the tool that i mostly use in my digital art and photo-manipulations, to cut out images. There are a lot of different type of selection tools that are available in Photoshop. Polygon lasso tool is the one i feel comfortable with. Here's how to use it effectively. I'm going to use the followin The cursor changes to the lasso cursor. Click and drag around the part of the image you want to select. Make sure your cursor comes back to the start point. If you release before reaching the start point. Photoshop completes the selection with a straight line. A dotted marquee defines the selected area. Polygon Lasso Too

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  1. Lasso tool is a free hand selection tool, used to cut or select specific sections of an existing picture. There are three variations of lasso tool: the Lasso tool itself, the Polygon Lasso tool and the Magnetic Lasso tool. Select the Lasso tool by clicking on the tool in the Toolbox or use its keyboard shortcut L
  2. Lasso Tool Example #1 Adding Color Pop to a Small Area. One way to use Photoshop's Lasso tool is to add a pop of color to a small area of your image. Grab your Lasso tool and set to an appropriate feather. I used a feather of around 50 and lassoed the pink flower (see image below), then did a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer
  3. Maybe I wanted to apply some adjustmentsto the letters here.There are, of course, a varietyof other tools I might useto create such a selection, but certainly we could usethe Polygonal Lasso Tool for this purpose as well.I'll get started by selecting the Polygonal Lasso Tool,which is actually hiding, if you will,underneath the regular Lasso Tool.So I'll go to the.
  4. Photoshop's Lasso Options (Lasso Options palette in 5.5) contains settings for feathering and anti-aliasing, as shown in Example 1.1a (CS2) and Example 1.1b (5.5) below. For the typical Web graphic, you'll probably use the Anti-aliased setting, especially for rounded or curved edges; however, turn off anti-aliasing (uncheck the box) if you need a crisp horizontal or vertical line selection
  5. Photoshop - The Lasso Tool - L. The lasso tool creates a custom, free-hand selection. It is usually used to cut out, or select specific sections of a pre-existing picture. Access the lasso tool by clicking on the icon located on the tool bar, or press the keyboard shortcut L
  6. The Lasso Tools. The Lasso Tools let you draw either free-form selections with curves or straight-edged selections for irregular polygonal selection shapes. The Magnetic Lasso Tool is a really neat selection tool that allows the selection's border to snap to the pixilated edges of an element of the image that you trace

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How to Crop an Irregular Shape in Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop's Rectangular Marquee tool makes cropping images quick and simple, but it's also limited in function. If you need to crop an irregular shape, such as extracting your company's logo, you need the marquee to match the area's shape. The Lasso. Unlike the regular Lasso tool, the Polygon Lasso tool has rubber-band-like qualities, and instead of dragging, you click and release the mouse button at the corners of the object you're selecting. It's like a digital connect the dots. Bonus: less manual dexterity required. The following steps show you how to select with the Polygon Lasso. Open Photoshop and create a new document. I've gone with 1920 x 1080px as I was possibly going to use the finished image as a wallpaper. I also like the widescreen proportions, with the focus to one side. Copy the original image into the document and place it where you want. If you find the text distracting use the lasso to select and then. The Magnetic Lasso selects defined boundaries neatly, attaching itself to the edges even if your cursor isn't directly on top of them. Now you know how to crop an image in Photoshop with more control than is afforded by the shaped selection tools The Lasso tool is the original freehand selection tool in Photoshop. Whereas the Marquee tool is ideal for selecting circles and rectangles, and the Magic Wand tool is perfect for selecting color ranges, the Lasso tool is your go-to function when you need to outline irregular shapes

Figure 2 The polygon lasso tool Options bar.. Magnetic lasso tool . The magnetic lasso tool can be used to create semi-automatic outline selections. The sensing area width can be set in the Options bar and when you move the tool along the edges in a picture, the magnetic lasso is able to sense where that edge is and create a selection that follows the edge So again, the Lasso tool just allows you to make these free-form selections. Well, that isn't what I want to do with this photograph, so here I'll choose Select and then Deselect. What I want to do is select this large area, so that I can have this area in color and all of the rest in black and white. Is there anything like an online Photoshop, that is actually like the software, i like all the other online websites but I want one where iI can use the POLYGON LASSO TOOL, not the regular one that you have to outlinr urself by moving the mouse, the POLYGON one is there anything like this please im trying to make a poster for my HS Foootball Tea

About Photoshop Gurus Forum. Photoshop Gurus is a community of graphic designers that focuses on to the exchange of ideas and information relating to all aspects of image editing. We welcome users of all skill levels and backgrounds The Lasso tool is one of several basic selection tools available for you to perform selective editing. The lasso tool does not select with geometric or predefined shapes as with the rectangular, elliptical marquee or polygon lasso tools, nor does it use an algorithm based routine to automatically make a selection like the magic wand tool The lasso tool is a quick way to perform a number of tasks in Photoshop (on the area the user wishes to work on). In the physical world, you would take a pencil in order to trace a border or draw the outline of an object onto a piece of blank paper, whereas in the world of Photoshop, you would use the lasso tool to perform this function digitally Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your people

Photoshop tutorial on the use of the selection tool, Lasso Tool, Polygonal Lasso, Magic Wand and Marquee selection tool modes to copy and paste, or drag and drop a selection into a new layer to retouch out an object in your photograph l Polygon Lasso tool: Rather than dragging, you click-click-click to make straight selection segments, at any angle, for any distance. When you position the cursor directly over your starting point, a little circle appears to the lower-right of the cursor to indicate that you're back to the start Today's Posts; Member List; Calendar; Forum; Tools; Software; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below

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  1. HTML5 photoshop like polygonal lasso selection. Ask Question Asked 8 years, 4 months ago. Active 7 years, 6 months ago. so with your explanation I can probably build a tool like the polygonal lasso and fix this thing! thx! - Stijn_d Apr 12 '12 at 14:23. add a comment | 1
  2. How to use Photoshop's lasso selection tools. Click to set the anchor point for your magnetic lasso tool then moving along the edge of your image Photoshop will snap the magnetic tool to the edge
  3. Polygon Lasso Tool Software Action3D Reducer v.1.1 Action3D Reducer is a great polygon reduction tool that changes the level of detail in real-time and creates both .3ds and .x files

Selection tools like in Photoshop, but with feature of selecting material like Color, Height rough, metal, nrm. Say you painted a bolt and you would like to copy that bolt to another area on the model it would be nice to be able to make a lasso selection and copy paste and move it to another area Photoshop tutorial on the use of the selection tool, Lasso Tool, Polygonal Lasso, Magic Wand and Marquee selection tool modes to copy and paste, or drag and. Learn how to draw selections with the Polygonal Lasso Tool in Photoshop. us to move in any direction we need Lasso Tool Photoshop. Source(s): https://shorte.im/bbv3v. 0 0? 1 decade ago. Just right click and choose deselect. or press enter or escape. try it I have Photoshop CS4. I don't know if that goes with your version. 4 1. Anonymous. 1 decade ago. go to menu and under select click deselect. 1 1 LASSO TOOL- Photoshop Lesson 3(a) LASSO TOOL . Lasso Tool is also a selection tool with three different modes of selection.Set of Lasso tools is useful to select irregular portions of an image. Polygon Lasso Tool is used to select areas in polygon shape. Click Polygon Lasso Tool click at a point on the image photoshop contests Learn to use the polygon lasso tool to master selections. With our video tutorials you'll learn the tricks and techniques professional designers. ( submitted: 5 years and 2222 days ago ) Tags: lasso polygons selections tools Submitted by Giulia - 1634 Views

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The Polygon Lasso tool is handy when you are selecting a subject with horizontal and vertical lines. Click once to add a point, release the mouse button, and then click again to continue tracing around the subject. If you encounter curves along your path, press the Alt key and drag Fortunately, Photoshop also includes Magnetic and Polygonal versions of the Lasso that can help guide your free-form selections. But the truth is that all three lasso tools are hard to trace with. You'll want to avoid making large detailed selections with the Lasso

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polygon lasso tool i'm kind of new to the list , but have been useing gimp since redhat 5.2 cameout. i was wondering if people who are on the development team could refine the gimps polygon lasso tool a bit more to be able to interact with the box selecton tool, and the circle selection to to eather crop the selection, or add, and subtract from the selection Is it possible to have a Polygon Lasso Tool - I find it really useful in Photoshop. Thanks! Quote; Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites. Alfred 4,711 Alfred 4,711 Dədicɐtəd Usər; Members; 4,711 13,389 posts; Location Scotland; Posted November 16, 2016. To create.

Posts about Polygon Lasso Tool written by itdg1. Learning how to apply masks for the 'Masking Impaired' by Jonathan Scut Lasso Tool in Adobe Photoshop. As with the marquee selection tools, you can hold down the Shift key and then drag with the lasso or polygon lasso tool to add to an existing. After drawing a selection with the lasso tool,. Lasso Select Tool S twice. This tool is used to create a freeform selection. The edge of the selected region will follow the mouse cursor as it is dragged around the canvas. The shape will automatically be closed with a straight line from the current cursor location back to the start point..

Learn Lasso and Polygon Tool of Adobe Animate / Adobe Flash with Video Lecture of Adobe Animate / Adobe Flash and by Lasso and Polygon Tool we Cut an objec the polygon lasso tool is currently being used and you are in the middle of making a selection. to switch to the normal lasso tool while using the polygon lasso tool, hold the _____ key(s) alt is it possible to choose the lasso tool or the polygon lasso tool or the magnetic lasso tool without using the mouse. you need to hold the shortcut key for the lasso tools with which of the following key(s The lasso tool group allows you to make free form selections, whether they be chaotic and random, angular, or non-linear but traceable. And like most of Photoshop's tools, the lasso group has a number of options, adjustments, and quick-key shortcuts you can make to help you get things just right We're going to take a look at the Lasso tool, and then the Polygon Lasso tool, which will allow us to get some straight lines. We're going to use both of those. Make sure when you select the Lasso tool that you have the first option selected up here in the toolbar, which is just going to give us the solid shape, and then we'll talk about adding and removing selections a little bit later on

Photoshop includes three Lasso tools in the program. They are the Lasso tool, Polygon Lasso tool and Magnetic Lasso tool. The Lasso tool is activated by click-dragging in the document in a free form fashion. Once you return to the starting point and release the mouse the selection is made For example, if you chose the Polygon Lasso shape, then you must click at the different points around the area, back to the starting point, to make the shape selection. The Auto Selection Tool in Photoshop Elements - Instructions: A picture of a user refining the initial selection made by the Auto Selection Tool in Photoshop Elements Vad har hänt & hur gör jag för att ställa tillbaka min lassopolygon? Min Lp(lassopolygon) drar sina egna streck, detta när man börjat använda det & huxflux klipper han ihop en lassoram där jag inte vill att den skall vara. Kan hända efter att man bara hunnit sätta 2-3st markeringar, Åf visste.. Bonjour, Le lasso photoshop: je reviens de chez un copain et pour entourer qqchose avec le lasso, c'est genial, ça cree des points et il peut donc partir en plein detourage, revenir et continuer. Moi, sur mon photoshop, le lasso ne cree pas de.. Join Chris Orwig for an in-depth discussion in this video, Using the Polygonal Lasso tool, part of Photoshop CC for Photographers: The Basics

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Photoshop 2020 Essential Training: Basics. Photoshop 2020 Essential Training: Design. Photoshop 2020 Essential Training: Photography. Adobe Camera Raw Essential Training. Lightroom & Photoshop Workflows. Photoshop Automation Techniques. Introduction to Photo Compositing. The Art of Photoshop Compositing. Adobe Bridge CC Essential Trainin Re: Is there a way to remove / change feather option AFTER closing lasso on Photoshop I just saw this and actually there is a way to reduce the feather after the selection is made. Use Refine Edge and set the Contrast adjustment to 100%. Depending on the amount of feather it may need to be applied more than once

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  1. How to Use Adobe Photoshop Tools. Photoshop is one of the best-known software applications on the planet. It has a reputation for being hard to learn, but it's not so bad. It does have a lot of tools, but this just gives you more options..
  2. und Polygon-Lasso. Als weitere Werkzeuge einen Freisteller in Photoshop zu erstellen, sind die Lasso-Werkzeuge zu nennen. Sie arbeiten allesamt ähnlich wie die zuvor aufgeführten Methoden. Entweder messen sie einen Farbwert und erstellen darauf eine Auswahl oder man fährt einfach mit der Maus-Taste die Kanten des Freistellers ab
  3. Photoshop lasso tool, photoshop tool, polygon tool, polygonal tool icon Open in icon editor. This is a premium icon which is suitable for commercial work: Use it commercially. No attribution required. Comes in multiple formats suitable for screen and print; Ready to use in multiple.
  4. Holder du Shift nede samtidig med at du trykker på keyboardet, kan du skifte mellem Lasso, Polygon og Magnetic-værktøjerne. Lasso-værktøjet: Lasso-værktøjet : Hvis du bruger det normale Lasso-værktøj, skal du holde museknappen ned og trække musen rundt for at lave en selection. Når du slipper museknappen vil PhotoShop forbinde dit.
  5. The Polygon Tool produces polygonal shape as well as path (shape outlines). In the Toolbox, choose the Polygon Tool. In the Options bar, select a drawing mode: to create vector shape layers click Shape layers button; to draw paths (shape details) click Paths button; to develop rasterized shape in current layer click Fill pixels button

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Aug 12, 2015 - Learn how to draw selections with the Polygonal Lasso Tool in Photoshop Danh mục bài viết [13] Cách sử dụng Color Range và Quick Mask Mode June 19, 2017 - 4:01 am [12] Cách sử dụng Quick Selection và Magic Wand June 18, 2017 - 9:23 am [11] Cách sử dụng Lasso Tool trong Photoshop June 18, 2017 - 9:12 am [10] Tổng quan về công cụ Select trong Photoshop June 18, 2017 - 8:59 am [9] Cách sử dụng Type Tool trong Photoshop June 17, 2017. Adobe Photoshop CC is a photo, image, and design editing software built for professional designers, photographers, and artists. It also provides professional photography tools which help create and enhance pictures, transforming them into amazing works of art. Photoshop CC is an advanced imaging software used by video editors to alter or manipulate digital images Das Lasso-Werkzeug umrandet auszuwählende Bildbereiche mit der Maus, wobei Sie sich eine Unterscheidung merken müssen. Das Polygon-Lasso-Werkzeug eignet sich für das Markieren von Objekten mit geraden Linien und eckigen Kanten. Das Magnetische-Lasso-Werkzeug legt sich hingegen automatisch um Kanten angrenzender Farbbereiche

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We recently collect the best Photoshop geometric actions you can download and use easily and without special knowledge. These geometric art actions turns your photos into an abstract composition of lines, polygons and geometric shapes. Check and download some of the best 21 Low Poly Geometric Action Templates Polygon-Lasso: Letzter Klick rückgängig? Diskussion beobachten. Google Anzeigen. C. E. 13.08.07, 21:01 Beitrag 1 von 10. 0 x bedankt. Beitrag verlinken. Hallo! Ich benutze hin und wieder mit PS8 das Polygon-Lasso um eine mehreckige Form zu umranden und demzufolge eine ganze Reihe verschiedener Strecken per Mausklick abzustecken Primeiro trabalho com o Photoshop,uso da ferramenta Polygon Lasso nesta montagem com a Ivete Sangalo ( 323 Best Polygon Free Brush Downloads from the Brusheezy community. Polygon Free Brushes licensed under creative commons, open source, and more Create amazing polygon illustrations in Photoshop CS6 In this Photoshop CS6 tutorial the author shows how you can take any image and use it as the basis for something cleaner and more stripped down. (Note: this tutorial can also be done in previous versions of Photoshop with the polygon lasso tool.

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Rote Augen entfernen mit Photoshop - CHIPPhotoShop Tricks | Photoshop Tutorials - E-booksPerform Laser Eye Surgery on a Photo with Photoshop – PagePhotoshop Tutorials - PhotoshopchopPhotoshop-Tutorial: Porträt im "Low-Poly"-Stil
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